What Jobs Can You Get With a Film Degree?

A film school education is unique because, while it flexes creative muscles, it also provides an understanding of critical technical skills in the twenty-first century. It's an experience that is equal parts liberal arts, art school, and a trade-school.

It's important to remember that a film school education is an education in problem solving.

Here are a few potential post-grad jobs for people with Film degrees.

Traditional Film

Traditional film is the most obvious answer. Working on Hollywood sets or being apart of producing and packaging movies is a great opportunity. Landing these jobs is often a function of school, networks, and proximity to Los Angeles and New York City. These jobs are limited, competitive, and often begin as unpaid work.

Camera crew member

While union rates differ from state-to-state, and the hours can be grueling, many film schools have connections to professional TV shows and film production companies. The technical skills and set-etiquette picked up on in film school are most transferable to this field.

Development Intern

A development intern is someone who helps sort through scripts, gives feedback on drafts, and assists producers with researching talent. While these internships are unpaid and often done in conjunction to school, they can lead to great opportunities in the industry.


This is a job notorious for being extremely emotionally taxing, but it's also the way to get your foot in the door. Moving from an assistant for an acclaimed talent up the Hollywood latter is an age-old model for success.

Creator Economy

The Creator Economy is a blossoming industry that also utilizes creative video skills. Jobs in the Creator Economy aren't just being a YouTuber. Benefits can vary, and there aren't unions like traditional film, but the Creator Economy is a much easier industry to find work in outside of major hubs such as LA and New York.

Production Assistant

Displaying your technical skills by building a good-looking YouTube or TikTok presence is a must for these jobs. After a few months of creating consistently great content, reach out to some of your favorite creators via email or Twitter and see if they need an Assistant Editor or Production assistant!


E-commerce stores also qualify as extensions of the Creator Economy. Many digital store-fronts need high-quality videos and storytelling to standout on the internet. Looking through job-listings for Social Media Intern or Digital Producer at ad agencies and medium-sized e-commerce companies is a great way to find work in this field.

Corporate Video Producer

Related to the e-commerce store are video producers in charge of internal communication. Large companies need to find ways to communicate efficiently and coordinate with stakeholders. Corporate video producers find ways to use video to spread messages and educate employees of large companies efficiently.