Where Were You? - Feature Film

Caden Hollander

The 10TH and FINAL film from Caden & Magnus follows two childhood best friends who become implicated in a terrible murder. They must work together with a group of their friends to find out the truth about what happened in order to save themselves from potential criminal charges. Throughout their investigation, drama ensues, as devastating secrets come to light about the murder, the murderer and the group themselves!

Magnus Fulton
Caden H. Hollander
Euan Cousar
Ashley Reed
Parker Cloutier
Kennedy Reed
Ethan Gilmour
Audrey Linton
& Tyler Texeira

Written & Directed by: Magnus Fulton & Caden H. Hollander
Produced by: Magnus Fulton, Caden H. Hollander, Emma Hollander & Blake Parker
Associate Producer: Aydin Haleftiras
Director of Photography: Blake Parker
Assistant Director: Emma Hollander
Edited by: Caden H. Hollander
Costume Designer: Blake Parker
Sound: Alison Viana
Composed by: Lucas Tartaglia
Makeup: Tiffany Buu, Audrey Linton, Alysse Ohanian
Props: Emma Hollander
Animation: Claire Wong